Monday, February 22, 2010

Randi's Top Ten (for the week ending 2/20)

Here they are in descending order:

10. No School on Monday--we got to sleep in!!!

9. Lost Daisy, but found her again 24 hours-plus later!

8. Mother/Daughter Relief Society Meeting with Debbie West Coon! It was so inspiring!

7. Date Night!!!

6. Yay for vacuums! Coming home from date night to find the upstairs loft covered in hamster food, toothpaste in the carpet, and deoderant rubbed all over the television set! Yahoo!!!

5. Listening to Michael practice the bass into the late hours of the night!

4. Hailey writes a song!

3. Audrey finishes all of her homework early, and so has no homework for the entire week!

2. The Olympics!!!!!

1. Hailey wins 2nd place at the CAC Middle School Math Competition (out of 10 schools). And her school came in 3rd!!!

What a week!!!!


  1. wow crazy week!! thats so exciting for hailey!! and for the glad shes still alive. i had a hamster once. she hid under the washer when she excaped...and when we found her and pulled the washer out, within 24 hours she died(i think it was because of internal bleeding!) poor thing. Im glad your hamster had a happier ending1!!

  2. the funny thing is- i don't remember gin ever having a hamster. but i too am glad that daisy made it out alive!! sounds like you had quite a fun week. i'm so proud of hailey. she is such a smarty!!!

  3. It sounds like agreat week - minus #6. The question is, was the deoderant on the tv the same kind that the Walkers are so fond of these days? Have a great week. We love you. Glad we can keep up with your little family this way.