Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life Gets In The Way

I thought I would be a fabulous blogger--but life gets in the way.

I can't seem to find the time to sit down and send my thoughts out to the universe via technology.

Oh well---I still don't know how to text either. Or twitter...Ask me if I care.

Life gets in the way.
Like, making superman capes for dad for Father's Day.
Or going to the library to check out summer reading material.
Or taking the kids to the summer movies, which movies we have all seen a million times.
Or taking a nap--which might happen once a year, but always during the summer break.
Like eating otter pops while sitting in the wading pool which is too small for 5 kids and a mom, but we do it anyway because we are HOT!
Like driving kids back and forth to friends' houses all day, every day.
Or rocking my baby to sleep.
Or making lunch--peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the millionth time,
because that is the standard!
Or singing camp songs with a daughter who just came home from girls' camp, all dirty and stinky, but very happy.
Or waiting up until midnight for a son to come home from a stake dance, and laughing at the picture he brought home to show me of "the GROUP".
Or singing "Wheels on the Bus" with the toddler, just to hear him giggle.
Or watching a movie at 7:00 am before any of the kids wake up, just because it is summer,
and just because I can.
Or putting the kids to work cleaning the house so I can feel like a good mom.
Or getting my visiting teaching done before the end of the month.
Like offering to read Dante's "Inferno" with Teen 1, because he has to read it
over the summer for an English class.
Or getting together with my sisters/in-laws for Friday Fun Day.
Or taking the baby to get his shots.
Or running errands all by myself, because I have babysitters during the summertime.
Or going out on a Friday night with my sweetheart.
Who has time to blog with all of this life going on?


  1. somone asked me the other day "what have you been doing?" and all i could say was "i don't know, but i know i've been busy" because none of the actual "things" came to mind. this sums it up wonderfully!!!

  2. i love this list randi! you are such a good mom. i love you!