Friday, May 8, 2009

In Which We Introduce The Characters

Now that I have this fabulous blog,
I must introduce you to my family.

This is ME (aka Buttercup) and STEVE (aka Farm Boy).
Of couse it was taken 17 years ago,
but I prefer to see myself as still 20 and still skinny!

This is our mucho macho 15-year-old,
MICHAEL (aka Teen One).
Dontcha love the pants?
There is a story there for another post...

This is HAILEY (aka Teen Two).
She is a very artistic and talented 13-year-old.
And has an artist's temperament, too.

Here is 6-year-old AUDREY (aka Mary Poppins).
She is such a hoot--she always has
something wonderful up her sleeve.

DYLAN ( aka Harold) is 2 and has a real knack for coloring on anything and everything in sight. Can you guess why I choose to call him Harold?

And 7 month old JACOB (aka --haven't come up with a literary nickname for him yet--any suggestions?--I thought about Sunny, but she was a girl).

There--now you have been properly introduced.

It is nice to meet you!!!!


  1. i don't get the harold reference. harry potter? i think you should refer to the 2 yr old as oliver.

    but i love all the fun names, buttercup.

  2. harold and the purple crayon! i got it!! do you see now steph?

    funny post. of course we knew you would be brilliant.

    glad to meet ya by the way

    (how bout rupert for jake? rupert is a bear that always helps others out. not really any resemblance except that he's so dang cute and fluffy cuddly...just like a teddy bear...just a thought.)

  3. Thanks, Nat--I'm glad someone got the purple crayon reference.

    Did you all get the Teen One and Teen Two reference?

    Am I just way out there?

    Steph, Oliver, as in "Oliver Twist"? Does Dylan really remind you of a street urchin? hehe...

  4. Oh--I get it! Oliver from The Brady Bunch, right?!

  5. yes, oliver from the brady bunch! yes, teen one and teen two. got that.

  6. The literary references are great! Jacob looks like a "Mr. Happy" to me! Or a Pooh Bear. :) He's super cute and smiley!