Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As You Wish

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom far, far away, lived an extremely spoiled maiden named Buttercup. She lived in a comfortable home with her 5 small servants, and the live-in farmhand, whom she preferred to call Farm Boy.

One day Buttercup decided she was tired of city life, and so she called on Farm Boy to find her a suitable country estate.

"As you wish," said Farm Boy, and he spent months scouring the countryside for acreage that would be accommodating to the lady's exquisite tastes, and he finally settled on 3.5 acres in the heart of a parish aptly named Queen Creek. It was the perfect place for such a lady, so she ordered Farm Boy to pack her belongings, and she moved with her servants to a small, but comfortable villa--until the country estate could be properly prepared for her arrival.

While waiting for the estate to be prepared, Buttercup became bored, and decided that she would like to have some animals to amuse her.

"Farm Boy!" Buttercup called. "I would like a cow, or two. Get me some."

"As you wish," replied Farm Buy, and he promptly visited a local merchant of beef, Sir Ethington to bargain for a cow. In all, he brought back 5 cows--one for each of Buttercup's servants to care for. Buttercup was pleased.

As the months wore on, Buttercup discovered the need for a new amusement. Her servants were quite inept at keeping her entertained, and so she called for Farm Boy to find her another type of entertainment.

"As you wish," he said, and set off on yet another search.

Lord and Lady Reinhold, of Pecan Creek Estates, knew of Farm Boy's efforts, and sent a message to him informing him of a new batch of chicks that might interest Buttercup. They were willing to give 2 dozen chicks to the Lady Buttercup as a gift, in honor of her great beauty and charm. Farm Boy was pleased.

He brought the chicks to Buttercup, who thanked him for the present and promptly went off to bed, while the servants played with the chicks and neglected their duties. And so far, everyone is living happily ever after---until Buttercup decides she wants a pig and/or a spider.


  1. and this is why i knew i wanted you to have a blog!!! this is an awesome tale. let us know when you get the spider.

  2. bummer! if i had known you wanted a spider i would not have disposed of the one i found hiding behind the couch this morning. he was quite a handsome specimen about the size of a nickle. But i had the husband take care of the brute and now there are none to be found anywhere.

    great post!!! very cute cows & chicks!

  3. I can't wait to read the next chapter of the story! This will be the girls bedtime story tonight!

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